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Silent in Front of You

I do not like talking, but I enjoy talking.

Yeah, there is no mistake in the previous sentence. Most likely, you will find me silent, because I do not like small talks with most people. But if you find me making a presentation whose topic is determined by myself not by others, to audience who are young i.e. not old, on a platform, you may have another kind of opinion of me.

Small talks are boring and a waste of time.

If I meet you on the road, I know you would perhaps ask whether I have meals already or where I am going, and You Do This.

If I meet you in my dorm, I know you would perhaps talk about my three dispaly screens and my papaer materials, I know it would be not polite if I do not give replies to satisfy your curiosity, and I know after my aswsers you would perhaps ask what kinds of book I usually read ad why I use so many display screens, …  (the talking will be continued, and I know how will the talking be continued because there are so many people talking about them with me and their talkings are similar), and You Do This….

Content of small talks as above are boring and seems to be a waster of time. However, small talks sometimes brings warm to you, and let you feel not lonely. So I need small talks, but I do not need so many small talks, except those from young girls, haha. So when I say that small talks is boring and a waste of time, I mean the majority of them, not all of them.

I do not like to talk to the old

Most of the old will consider my expression of pride as a saying of arrogancy. And conversely, I think most of the old are too arrogant to understand young persons.

In China, it was taugt that the young should be polite to the old, because they are the old. It is beyond all reasons! Does it mean that we should be not polite to the young? It mayabe right that we should be polite, but it is not because they are old or young. I mean the conclusion “we should be polite to the old” may be right, but the reason “because they are the old” seems to be not so reasonable.

Now you will explain that some old are so weak, we should not be inpolite or even violent to the old. Yes, this is right that we should not be inpolite or even violent to the old, but in the sentence “some old are so weak, we should not be inpolite or even violent to the old” the reason for the conclusion “we should not be inpolite or even violent to the old” is “some old are so weak” which seems to be reasonable, at least more reasonable than the reason “because they are the old” to the conclusion “we should be polite to the old”. However in most cases, we are polite just because we are polite, not becase who they are. If they are weak, we may express sympathy. But most likely, the old which you are talking to are not weak, and may even be stronger than you. So I think this expalination is neither logical nor reasaonable.

If there is a person you do not know, and he tells you that you should respect him for he is he, what would you think? Wouldn’t you think he is too arrogant? But why you feel it reasonable when the old tell you that you should respect them because they are the old?

This is one of the reason that I think most of the old are too arrogant. Another case is as below:

Sometimes you express an idea or choose to do some things, the old may tell you that the idea you expressed is wrong or the things you choose to do are not right, sometimes the old are right, but sometime they are not right. For example, when you are in a face-to-face interview, the HR may require you to give a carrer planning. But you know, a person who indeed makes a carrer planning is usually ambitious, and I do not think he will plan to stay in the company where the HR is in for all his life. But an ambitious person is like everyone else, he needs a job, and he has no choice but to cheat the HR. There are so many cheats like this, which are made not due to the kindness or because we really want to make these cheats. It sounds like that the old tell us that they can give us something as long as we cheat them, and they also decalre that they will not give us any opportunity if we do not cheat them. Sounds ridiculous, right?

To be continued.

Oh, sorry, maybe this post will not be continued for the time being.

April 4, 2014, Written by Yakima Teng in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China.

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