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The new year

During the days around this new year,I had many big meals in my relatives’ home and mine.This is as usual as before,the only thing different was that we drunk Wang Lao Ji,Pure(纯的)milk,wine instead of cokecola,Xue Bi,Fen Da and wine.This year my grandma got her age of eighty.So quickly time goes,we must do our best when we are young,when old,you may still have enterprise(进取心),but you are not young any more,your body and your heart make that you cannot do big things again.The last day of 2009,while I had my supper over,my mobilephone rung:my friends called me to get together.So I went to my friend’s home,we six saw 春晚节目 and played cards.We saw Wang Fei and Small Tiger,these two programs were well done,but others were very bad.Several hours later,four of us went back to there own home,only I and another one left,we went to temple,when the midnight came,it rained heavily,we ran back our home in the rain,so the first night during 2010,I was in the rain.Er,that’s all,it’s  time for me to sleep now.

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