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School card for meals

In Shenyang University,when you get out of the dormitory(寝室),you need one card,without which the doorkeeper may sometimes forbid you to go out and enter.There is also another card for meals just the same as what we use in senior middle school.Unluckily,up to now,I had lost the small card for three times.Although the first two times,the card itself came back to me,my classmates finding it.But this time I am not fortunate enough,the card doesn't come.I had waited for it's coming for three days,but I could not wait any longer,so this noon I paid for a new one.I found a problem:when I told the 阿姨 that I wanted to make up a new one,she only did ask my school number,then checked my name,and at last my card is OK.Frankly say,the flow had a 漏洞,can you find it out?Yeah,it seems that A can make a card which belong to B.Today a boy called Shennan Zhang announces that he had fall in love with a girl named Meng Li.Congratulations to them.It's a example which account for that long-distance love is hard to stick to.

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