JavaScript Event Handlers

Events are actions that the user preforms while visiting your page. Submitting a form and moving a mouse over an image are two examples of events. JavaScript deals with events using commands called event handlers. An action by the user on the page triggers an event handler in your script. Some common JavaScript event handlers are listed in the table below.

The object finished loading

Event What it handles
onabort The user aborted loading the page
onblur The user laft the object
onchange The user changed the object
onclick The user clicked an object
onerror The script encountered an error
onfocus The user made an object active
onmouseover The cursor moved over an object
onmouseout The cursor moved off an object
onselect The user selected the contents of an object
onsubmit The user submitted a form
onunload The user left the page
Author: Yakima


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