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About me

A man born in 1991 from Zhejiang Province, China. Now in Shanghai, China. Self-motivated. Enjoy reading and playing badminton.

Working Period: 2 years’ experience in international pharmaceutical regulatory affairs in Zhejiang Apeloa Kangyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., working as a front-end web developer since November, 2015.

Student Period: Skipped to junior middle school, recommended for admission to senior high school, got a Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from Shengyang Pharmaceutical University.

For more details, you can click here to see to my resume.



You can contact me through email: cleveryun # 163 [dot] com, by Wechat: OrzZone,  or by Tencent QQ: 821135564. Please tell who you are and where you find my contact, otherwise you will fail to contact with me -_-.

About the site

This site is hosted in Hongkong, so there may be some times you can not visit this site successfully, please wait for a while and revisit again -_-. If it’s still unavailable, it’s likely to be the fact the site is really unavailable >_<. Sometimes I know my server holding this site has been shut down, but I just have it enabled several days later due to my laziness -_-. So you can choose to revisit this site several days later. Also, you can send me an email to remind me of this thing.