Faster, Higher, Stronger

2015 Scheme

In the year 2015:

  • Most attention will be paid to learning materials related to pharmaceutical industry.
  • Time spent on learning materials related to other industries will be as little as possible. (The book “WordPress Bible” is allowed for reading.)
  • Use frequency of electronic book (Amazon’s Kindle) will be declined sharply. And on the other hand, materials will be learned mostly in the manner of printing paper and by comparison between Chinese materials and English materials.
  • Posts in the blog will be sometimes in English and sometimes in Chinese.
  • Read more literature and manage them with the software named “EndNote”.
  • For each learning material, create corresponding mind map with help of the software “XMind”.
  • Write the book “Pharmaceutical Industry: The Young“, and finish it by August, 2015.

Learning Materials:

  • 《最新药品注册技术精讲》第二版 VS current CFDA guidelines.
  • Datebase such as Scifinder.
  • 《药品生产质量管理规范》+《药品GMP指南》 VS ICH Q7 and etc.
  • ICH Guidelines
  • WordPress Bible
  • Quality research and laboratory instruments
  • Manufacturing process and equipment
  • Guidelines on submission to WHO, EDQM, US FDA, CFDA and etc.


  • Weekly badminton
  • Listening English on
  • English songs in KTV room
  • Be active in work in working hours, and try to not use time after work for work.