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writing exercises

The steps of time in University seems to be very fast.A few stories but many thoughts,and now the final examination is coming in less than one month,Shenyang University is an old school ,not only its history but also its buildings.The day before yesterday,King son had made up his made to be a boyfriend  of a girl named Tingyu Zhang.Of course the girl  herself  also agreed to be King Son’s girlfriend,they now goes well,every evening,they study together.I think it’s good for both of them.Just one day before King Son,Rui Zhang hold his birthday,I did not want to join in.You know,we are just normal friends and we are in different class although our two classes have courses together.But I think there is just no need,because even one hundred normal friends cannot be as important as a really good one.How time flies,next month I will go home again.It will be my first time to take a plane.I’ll arrive in Shanghai first to stay with my parents,to see my father,not mama in fact.I will buy cloths there,for the price inShanghai is lower than Shenyang,and my shopping feeling in shanghai is better than that in Yujeu.This new year,my parents will go back to Yujeu.For many years they had not been at hometown during new year.But they will this new year,due to my grandma is going to be eighty years old,so the 八十大寿 will be hold.In University,I had to buy cloths by myself,and I started to find buying cloths costs a large amount of money.In the olddays what I need do is just to take cloths from my亲戚,the cost is low,because they themselves sell cloths.It just take me several minutes to walk from my home to the shop.In senior middle school,I need cook for me everyday with no *****s lived with me.luckily,there is no need to cook anylonger.For I lived at school the late days.People here have a deep sense about jobs and how much  they can get from companies,but I prefer to do my own business. Many stories,many memories,man’s life is just the like.

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