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Time Wasted on the Road

It took me a lot of time to get to the company from my dorm and get back the dorm from the company

Let me have a calculation.

First, it will take me about twenty minutes to get to the bus station where our company bus will go through (we will have breakfast on the road).

Second, it took me about ten minutes to wait for the company bus coming.

Third, it took me about twenty minutes to stay on the company bus until I arrived the company.

Time wasted in the afternoon is nearly as much as in the morning.

So, I wasted about (20+10+20)*2=100 minutes. In fact, it should be more than 100 minutes. Er… If you want to go somewhere in weekends, you should also waste some time for it’s not convenient for us to go somewhere from my dorm.

All in all, I wasted about two hours per day. If I could save forty minutes per day, I can save about four hours per week. That’s all. I began to have the idea about rent a dorm myself.

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