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Things goes well

I am a little satisfied with my own during these days .

Almost one English novel would be read up by me per day ,which made me feel a little satisfied .I like this sense of feeling busy .

Using a kindle E-reader makes reading English novels an easy thing .And novels themselves are interesting .

My senior who led me directly is a kindhearted person ,and many other seniors are persons of this kind as well .However these is always some mice in a team ,so is our laboratory .It is not appropriate for me to write the name down ,although I really dislike this purple ,so here I just want to talk about some things happened among us .

Oh ,ok ,just forget the former sentence I had written down .We should not always keep those awful things in our memory .Instead ,we should learn from these awful things so that we can prevent us from being people like them .

That´s all .Have a good night !

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文章名称:《Things goes well》

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