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See You Again, Bookstore!

This afternoon, I gone to a bookstore in Shenyang .It was about several months after the last time I got in the bookstore.

I didn’t went to the bookstore for buying books but only for reading .For first three hours ,I was reading my kindle E-reader .I read an book on English half an hour before I left the bookstore. The atmosphere is very good for reading, and there are many new books in the bookstore ,of course ,many beautiful girls as well.

Many eBooks I read were downloaded freely form the Internet .As is known to us all ,there are many eBooks in the Internet ,but it’s not as many as we think. Obviously ,you can find many eBooks of novels for free in the Internet, but I didn’t enjoy reading these novels, for I think they are useless and it cost people a lot time reading them.


Treasure time now!

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