Salary Profiles in Pharmaceutical Enterprises in China

China is a big country, but salary profiles in pharmaceutical enterprises do not differ much from province to province and from city to city.

For new graduates of bachelor’s degree, the salary profiles can be concluded as:

  • 2000~2500 yuan RMB per month in Liaoning Province;
  • 2500~3000 yuan RMB per month in Jiangsu Provinces and Zhejiang Provinces;
  • 3000~3500 yuan RMB per month in Guangdong Province.

I do not know the salary profiles in other places in China. But I think the salary profiles in the above places are representative, because most of pharmaceutical enterprises in China are located in these places. For our convenience in the following text, we now assume that the salary for a new graduate of bachelor’s degree is 3000 yuan RMB per month.

To be honest, as a starting salary, 3000 yuan RMB per month seems very common, not low at all. The problem is, if you are not going to be a department leader, your salary will grow very slowly. It is a common case that if you do not skip to other enterprises, you salary will not grow to 4000 yuan RMB per month with three years’ work experience. If you are willing to skip to another pharmaceutical enterprise with a three years’ work experience, you can hope for a salary of 4000 yuan RMB per month – it will not be too hard to apply for a 4000 yuan RMB salary, however, it will be hard for you to get a work with salary higher than 5000 yuan RMB per month if you are not willing to be a department leader. This is because, 3000 yuan RMB guys are already competent enough for most work in pharmaceutical enterprises in China, 4000 yuan RMB guys can be called elites in pharmaceutical enterprises, and salary higher than 5000 yuan RMB per month is designated for department leaders.

As just said above, if you choose not to skip to another pharmaceutical enterprise, it will be hard for you with three years’ work experience to apply for a salary of 4000 yuan RMB per month, this is because the work you do is so simple that it is hard for you to demonstrate your ability. A pharmaceutical enterprise is a big system, staff in it are just like screws in a machine, you can always be substituted very easily. Therefore you know, most people are able to replace your position in a pharmaceutical company, which demonstrates that your work is very easy in some points. Not only you but also your company want you to be a staff of good ability, when your ability has nothing to do with your salary. Your ability becomes not so necessary, however, when it relates to your salary.

In many opinion, the basic salary profiles are determined by the supply and demand ratio of human resource of basic ability. The salary zone (elite salary zone) above the basic salary is determined by the supply and demand ratio of human resource of elites. Your ability determines your salary position in the salary zone above the basic salary. And there is a high salary zone above the elite salary zone. The high salary zone is for department leaders. There is a blank zone between the high salary zone and the elite salary zone. The blank zone is used to differentiate ordinary staff and leader staff in pharmaceutical enterprises.

Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises are still very young, for example, there are many pharmaceutical enterprises with history of only about 20 years. And you should know, although the turnover of young human resource is not low in pharmaceutical enterprises, the turnover of already-married human resource is actually very low. This is to say, that the turnover of leaders in pharmaceutical enterprises is quite low. However, leaders play important role in team building. A reasonable turnover value is quite important. Neither a too low or too high turnover value is appropriate.

Author: Yakima


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