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Regular Expression

Summary of Metacharacters in Regular Expression
Metacharacter Description
/ Begins and ends the regular expression
. Matches any single character except the newline
element* Matches element zero or more times
element+ Matches element one or more times
element? Matches element zero or one time
[characters] Matches a character out of those contained within the brackets
[^characters] Matches a single character that is not contained within the brackets
(regex) Treats the regex as a group for counting or a following *, +, or ?
left|right Matches either left or right
[lr] Matches a range of characters between l and r
^ Requires match to be at the string’s start
$ Requires match to be at the string’s end
\b Matches a word boundary
\B Matches where there is not a word boundary
\d Matches a single digit
\D Matches a single nondigit
\n Matches a newline character
\s Matches a whitespace character
\S Matches a nonwhitespace character
\t Matches a tab character
\w Matches a word character (a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and _)
\W Matches a nonword character (anything but a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and _)
\x x (useful if x is a metacharacter, but you really want x)
{n} Matches exactly n times
{n,} Matches n times or more
{min,max} Matches at least min and at most max times
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