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One More Girl, One More Failure

The first blind date “event” was over last day. After the fifth meeting with the girl named Shuangshuang, she told me that we can only be good friends. Heard of this, I took the subway to her home and have a talk with her nearby, after which I’m sure that this game-over is not due to any misunderstanding but my boring talking. So this game was over. It was, after graduation, the second time for me to pursuit a girl and also the second time to fail.

As an infrequent experience, I should make some conclusions here:

Firstly, after I became her wechat friend, I found I was shielded from her wechat moment. My friends told me that if a girl shield you from her wechat moment, she may at first lack some sense with you. For most girls, if they like a man, they will want to show themselves to the man. So for me, a talking-less man, it’s better to stop wasting time on her. You know, if you want to play with small probability, you will likely to feel tired, and this feeling is in most case meaningless. The girl you doesn’t need to pursuit is the right girl you should pursuit. And the girl you should pursuit is likely to be the wrong girl that you should not pursuit.

Secondly, try to pursuit a girl who is not a home bird or a “tourist”. Because it’s hard for me to find topics with her. It will be very good if she also enjoys playing badminton ^_^.

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文章名称:《One More Girl, One More Failure》

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