Monthly Plan of November 2013


No. 1: read 陈德彰的《翻译辨误》

  • may benefit my English.
  • kindle price: 1.99 Yuan RMB, already purchased.

No.2:read 崔福德的《药剂学》(5th edition)

  • may benefit my knowledge of pharmaceutics.
  • the free existing MS Word document, no money else needed.

No.3:read 赵卫峰的《药品检验技术》

  • may benefit my knowledge of pharmaceutics.
  • kindle price is 3.80 Yuan RMB, purchased already.

No.4:translate English pharmaceutical articles to Chinese

  • may benefit both my English and pharmaceutical knowledge.

No.5:make notes when read ppt, or other pharmaceutical data from

  • may benefit my pharmaceutical knowledge.

No.6:Nothing else definitely required here

  • depend on the remaining time and energy.

Post this article just to avoid the have-noting-to-to situation.

Author: Yakima


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