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It is the beginning


Ah ,how time flies .Now I have stayed in my first company for nearly a week .It is not a long time ,but I began to know some news I did not know before ,some of the news even made me a little unhappy .

They changed my job without any message .I applied for a job as RA and they admitted at that time without telling me that they may change my job .This time I arrived the company ,they gave me a card with my name and job on it .When I noticed that card ,I found that I am not a RA in fact .Insteadly ,I became a QR which I did not even hear before .How can they know whether I can do well in this job ? How can they know whether I am willing to do this job or not ? I think they had better talk about it before they did it . I am a people with personal feelings not a machine .

What can I do now ? I can no longer choose which companies to stay easily , since I had already graduated from my university and I had no experience on my job . So ,I could do nothing but to accept the fact . Job being job , job is not your hobby at most time . What you need to do is make your job one of your hobbies !

It is the beginning!

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