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Interesting and Boring

I’m a so boring man that you can hardly find a person more boring than me.

I even find walking an interesting thing. Of course, I mean walking with myself. If there is another person walking together, and if silence is impolite due to disacquaintance, meaning that I should do some talking other than only walking, then walking of this kind is boring for boring person like me. However, if there are more than two persons in total, e.g. 3 persons, then I can keep silent or talk when I want to talk, resulting in everything comfortable.

I cannot remind myself of the accurate time I start to become less talking. It seems that I talked much during primary school days and junior middle school days. In those years, I was often asked to be quite during class by my teachers. Classmates who were responsible for class discipline must have written my name on her book for many times.

Latter I came to senior middle school where study tasks were much more than before, so I often did something myself alone. What’s more, I unfortunately got Scoliosis in Grade Three. I did not recognize the existence of Scoliosis, and when I found it, it already became a property of mine. Since then, I had to accept the fact that I’m a little different from others. But the course to accept that fact is not very simple. It took me several years to become accustomed to it.

There are two main aspects that I should overcome. First, it make not good-looking. This may seems to be a big problem for most people. However, it doesn’t take me long to overcome it. What takes me long is the second aspect – I am afraid to bring bad influence on people near me. In early times, I am afraid that people may feel unhappy to walk, talk or play with me in public. Fortunately, I found people are so kind that it’s unnecessary to care about things like this. However, this conclusion is based on a great quantity of daily cases. However, until now, I still can only confirm that people do not mind making friends with me. I am still not sure whether I can make deeper relationships with girls, so I’m still single, cry…

In addition to the influence of Scoliosis, there is another big factor that causes my silence. I started to enjoy reading. Reading, of course, is a thing that is done by one person for a long time, different from things like seeing a film in time-costing.

Yeah, I am boring to other people, but I do not feel boring myself. That’s good.

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