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I Want to Do Many Things

Sometimes, I feel that I have nothing to do. Life seems to be very idle.

Sometimes, I feel very busy. But when I see back several months later, I just think I had done nothing meaningful.

If one day, you have much money, much time and a good social position, can you still remember those things you ever wanted to make done? I think your answer will be “no”. If your answer is “yes”, can you tell what you want most when you are at the age of twelve?

Man’s thought changed period after period. Analyzing one person through his blog posts written two years ago is out of value.

Many books sold in China said that we should make plans which we can really make done. They asked us not to make those plans which are apparently too hard to us. But  I just recommend us write all the plans we think out down regardless of what these books say. Listing them down will not bring you any risk. Mind others’ comments on you? Ah, just forget these comments please. You are yourself. You don’t live for them.

Isn’t “one day fishing and two day to dry the net” better than “three days to dry the net”?

The following sentences are listed by me. These things are what I want to do.

  1. Make my resume. Try to make it better.
  2. Get more than 600 at College English Test Band 6.
  3. Publish a book written by myself.
  4. Write out a C++ software program and see whether people like it or not.
  5. Read two hundred Chinese books when in college.
  6. Read about fifty English books when in college.
  7. Travel half of China with friends by bike.
  8. Translate English articles into Chinese often and try to get a certificate in translation.
  9. Care about those job information often although there is no need for you to get a new job.
  10. Make a good interpersonal relationship, but do not be a people never say no.
  11. Set up a website with friends.
  12. Study as long as I am alive. Ignore people’s words like “it’s useless to learn those knowledge”. You learn those knowledge just to broaden your horizon.
  13. Pass the GRE exam. (It can be done after graduating from college. You can enhance your English easily via an English exam.)
  14. Take exercise often and try to make a dunking!
  15. Persist in long-distance running. (Keeping health is very very important. If you do not have a good body, everything else will be unmeaning.)
  16. Lie on the grassland watching stars with  my family.
  17. Needfire evening.
  18. Enjoy the first work after graduated from college.
  19. Have my own company.
  20. Build up a house for studying near a small college in which there is not enough seats for students to study. (I also have he willing to let those students make money through working in the building such as some washing and cleaning. And it will be better if my blog can be more lively through the help of the building.)
  21. Set up a home in a city with good environment. (I think Jiaxing City is a very good place with good environment, reasonable housing price and a good geographical position.)
  22. Mary a good wife at the age of about twenty seven. It would be better is she enjoys playing basketball, make good-taste meals and is kind-hearted, not too fat. (I do not want to make a girlfriend too early.)


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