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I have bought a new computer

Several days ago ,I bought a new computer .I bought it from .This computer is the most expensive thing I bought through the Internet .The former computer I used before had something wrong with its screen –it was too dark and some white lines were shown on the screen .So it was the high time to change that computer .

The new computer I bought cost me 3999 Yuan RMB .It was the accurate value.

Here is some information about the new computer: Lenovo Z480.

CPU: CORE i5 (the third generation).

Internal storage: 4G.

Graphics card: GT635m (1G, independent).

Hard disk: 500G.

At first I decided to buy one computer after this term when I am in the new company. However my plan had been changed. I think I need to store some useful things into my computer and it may be a little later if I buy one computer after this term. Of course ,many other usages are no need to say .

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