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Forms in HTML

Forms in HTML
Tag Attribute Meaning
form   A tag that contains any of the following tags, making them into a valid HTML form
  action The name of the server-side CGI that is run when control is pased back to the Web server
input   A form field of varying types, depending on the value of the type attribute
  class The class assigned to the element
  id The unique id assigned to the element; as with JavaScript objects, no spaces or punctuation marks are allowed, and the id cannot start with a nuber
  name Primarily used to group sets of radio buttons
  maxlength The maximum length entry that the user may enter in this field
  size The number of characters that are displayed on the page
  type The type of input required; possible values include button, checkbox, image, password, radio, reset, submit, and text
  value The preset value of this form field
label   Used to specify labels for controls that do not have build-in labels, such as text fields, check boxes, radio buttons, and menus
  for Associates the label with a specific element’s id
option   The possible options available inside a select tag
  selected Indicates whether this option is selected as the default
  value The preset value of each option
select   A form field that is either a pop-up menu or a scrolling list, based on the size attribute
  class The class assigned to the element
  id The unique id assigned to the element
  size The number of options that are displayed on the page; if the attribute is set to 1, or this attribute is not present, the result is a pop-up menu

Reference: JavaScript Visual QuickStart Guide, 8th Edition

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