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First three years in your career


No matter how close the relationship between you and your colleagues are, you should not read their documents, see what are there in their drawers or do other things alike without their permission.

If you are an introvert, other than an extrovert, you still have many chances as long as you find the reasonable way to show yourself to others. Although you may feel more comfortable without others’ focus, you loss many chances to succeed in the meantime.

It not a boss’s responsibility to teach you how to learn. You are responsible for yourself.

If you encounter some problems seeming hard for you to solve, you should have a try to find the solutions by your own first. And ask others for advice when they are convenient.

Do not compare you with others unrealistically, which will let you forget your strong points and make you feel hopeless.

Others may consider you to be a confident man if you exhibit your confidence, for which you will feel more and more confident.

If you don’t feel inferior, no one can make you inferior.

Respect your right to talk and speak out your thoughts and ideas bravely. Just try to talk about a thing clearly regardless of others’ response.

Invisible competence is much crueller than visible competence. Difference may emerge several years later of persons of the same level now. If you are not preparing for success, you are preparing for failure. What you do today will result in what you can do and who you are tomorrow.

If you do not learn the society, you will suffer losses and regret one day in the future.

You self-respect comes from your achievements. You don’t work for salary, but your achievements.

Don’t let your life full of unimportant things.

You should understand that it’s reasonable to invest your head other than your clothes. It’s not a waste of time.

Self-confidence do not mean you should flaunt yourself in front of others. The more brightly you are flashing, the harder for you to see clearly the way you are walking on.

You should have enough courage to change things that can be changed and accept facts that can not be changed.

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