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English Materials Used in Face to Face Interview

Here are some English materials I prepared for face to face interviews which I had no opportunities to use. I write it down just to let someone else have a reference.

Personal Information:

My name is Yunfeng Teng, graduated from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, with a Bachelor Degree of pharmacy. I had passed College English Test Band 6 and National Computer Test Level 2. I enjoy reading, blogging,basketball and jogging.


(Point to the resume.) Here are some of the courses I had taken, including Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Analysis and so forth, and the corresponding marks are just nearby.Frankly speaking, I had failed the first semester of the Organic Chemistry course when I was a freshman in the university.


During my time in university, I got scholarships two times, and the title of “social activity model” once as well. Nothing more.

Working Experience:

After graduation, I came to the corporation who gave an offer to me as a registrant last year. But I realized that my job changed the time I started my life there. For the latter three months, I worked in the Quality Assurance Department, writing process validation documents, managing files and translating English paper about qualification of equipment.

Graduation Project:

My graduation project was done after a doctor who was in Grade Three. During those months, my skills of literature searching and operating instruments such as HPLC(High Performance Liquid Chromatography) instrument were improved.

Personal Evaluation:

Ok, now I’ll use several sentences to tell how I think of myself.

  • Firstly, there’s nothing wrong with my morality, I think.
  • Secondly, I am eager to obtain new knowledge, and therefore, I can do well in arranging time and taking advantages of the internet.
  • Thirdly,I appreciate people who speak logically and have their own independent ideas. For myself, I am trying to be people I appreciate.
  • And the last, I like sports: jogging, basketball, table tennis and badminton.

That’s all.

About the Links on the Resume:

Ah, there are some links in the end of my resume, they are :

  1. The website I set up as a blog.
  2. My reading history in
  3. The video in which I was playing with a stick longer than me.
  4. A picture I drawn with a Flash software on the theme of thanksgiving day.
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