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发布日期 Issuing Date

实施日期 Implementation Date

由QA发布 Issued by QA

文件说明 Statement

起草人 Written

修订人 Revised

部门审核 Reviewed by

QA审核 Reviewed by QA

批准人 Approved

应分发至 Distributed to

文件颁布实施后,每2年应重新审核一次 It must be reviewed every two years after the implementation.

共m页,第n页 Page n of m

本版文件与被替代版相比主要的变更内容 Updates comparing with superceded version

代替文件版本XXXX The previous version XXXX is superceded

历次文件版本YYYY,ZZZZ The historicalversion include YYYY, ZZZZ

敬告:相关责任部门和责任人务必于实施之日前完成本程序的学习和培训。 Notice: Related departments and persons should have completed the study and been trained about this procedure before the implementation.

角色 Role

职务 Position

职责 Responsibilities

小组 Team

组长 Leader

成员 Member

Chart 1-a


通知用inform不用announce,前者搭配为inform sb. of sth., 后者偏向于公开的宣布。

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