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Blind Date

For tens of thousands of reasons, I have been single for more than twenty years 😳.

After graduation from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, I firstly went to work in a pharmaceutical company in Xianju County, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, but that company was so far away from my expectation that I left there in just three months — too short a time to make a girlfriend. Then I went to another pharmaceutical company in Hengdian, Dongyang, Zhejiang Province. The latter pharmaceutical company was much better than the former one in many aspects such as average education level of employees and regularity of procedures, and I stayed there for almost two years.

Yes, till now, I can still say I have spent most of my after-graduation time there. And it was there, some possible chances to make a girl friend passed by.

On one occasion, I was playing badminton in a badminton gymnasium, and a girl in the same company of mine had a talk with my roomie at that time, she told my roomie that I can contact her if I have an intention of making a girl friend. Of course, I didn’t contact her even that we have later been deskmates for several months in an English training class organized by company.

Another time when I was in a celebration party for ending of FDA audit in a subsidiary company, a middle-aged man around the desk next to mine told me that he wanted to introduce a girl to me. I had drunk some wine and just responded with some thanks — I forgot to ask for contact information. And when I came back I didn’t even know whom he is. Cry…

I also tried to chase a girl but failed. Cry…

I came across to meet a gay asked me to go to his home. Cry…

As a result, my parents started to care about my “girlfriend”. My little sister introduced one of her schoolmates in her middle school days. She was tall, beautiful, aspirant and polite. But it seemed that something was missing between us, perhaps because I thought she was so young and we worked in different cities that it was hard for us to get marriage within two years, perhaps because her family was much better than mine that I thought there must be many difference in our daily life, and perhaps because I found it hard to guess how she is feeling — I cannot judge whether she is smile for happiness or just for politeness due to her working habit.

Here comes a girl named Shuangshuang O(∩_∩)O. We knew each other with the help of a matchmaker. Our first date was arranged in Shuangshuang’s home. She was not as tall and as beautiful as the schoolmate of my little sister, but the feeling with her was so good! She is 1.61 m high, and also very beautiful. We both worked in Shanghai City for the time being. I had gone to Shuangshuang’s home for twice, and it seemed that Shuangshuang’s parents liked me in generally. The second time I went to Shuangshuang’s home, while drinking with her father, I happened to see Shuangshuang pouting her lips coquettishly to her mother, seeing which I felt my heart thawed out.

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