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I’m a young man called Yakima Teng, born in 1991, graduated from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University where I majored in pharmacy which has nothing to do with the frontend web development job I’m doing now. After graduation, I have been working as a regulatory affairs person for pharmaceutical registration for about 2 years.

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Started to go to primay school in 1998, skipped to junior middle school in 2003, and was recommended for admission to senior middle school without taking general entrance examination in 2006. Graduated from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University in 2013 with a bachelor degree in pharmacy.

Work Experience

  • 2013.07-2013.10: QA @ Zhejiang Xianju Junye Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • 2013.10-2015.07: RA @ Zhejiang Apeloa Kangyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., had gone through US FDA and WHO audit
  • 2015.11-2015.11: Frontend web developer @ Shanghai MCMAS Advertisement Co., Ltd.
  • 2015.12-now: Frontend web developer @ 北京无线天利有限公司上海分公司



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