Faster, Higher, Stronger


(That’s the) way to go! 干得好!

She has a sharp tongue. 她说话尖刻。

slip of the tongue 口误

Bite your tongue! 闭嘴!

Watch your tongue! 说话当心!

Cat got your tongue? 哑巴了你?

Answers rolled off her tongue during the press conference. 在新闻发布会上,她迅速流畅一一作答。

The wine loosened his tongue. 喝了酒后,他的话多了起来。

When she came into the room, I had trouble finding my tongue. 她走进屋子时,我都不会说话了。

On the tip of your tongue. (话)就在嘴边上。

shout at the top of one’s voice. 扯开嗓门喊。

Ok, point taken. I won’t interfere anymore. 好吧,你说得对,我不会再干预了。

give sb. a dirty look 很不友好地看了某人一眼

take notice of sth. 注意到

have an effect on sth. ……有影响

take effect 发挥效用

give credit to sb. 有某人的功劳

take credit from ……抢走功劳

have advantage over sth./sb. ……有优势

take advantage of sth. 利用

take pleasure in doing sth. ……中取乐

have the pleasures of doing sth. 很高兴做某事

take the trouble to do sth. 不辞辛苦做某事

take responsibility for doing sth. 承担起做某事的义务

have a responsibility to do sth. 有做某事的义务

get a shock 吃了一惊

give sb. a shock 让某人吃了一惊

lose one’s look 容颜衰老

lose one’s place 忘了讲到哪儿了

make points 提出观点、看法

produce the desired effect 达到预期效果

kick one’s habit 改掉习惯

catch sight of 偶然看到

raise doubt 引起怀疑

on order 订购

on the run 逃跑

under the name of

to the point 切题

I do not love Joey. I like him a normal amount.我不爱Joey,我只是在正常范围内喜欢他。

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