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横店大学口语课(Mar. 23, 2015)


The initial greeting and “sign off” of an email are important in setting the tone of the email. If you are not sure whether the email should be formal or informal then I would always suggest to err on the side of caution and use formal language. However, utilising friendly, less formal language in email correspondence is a great way of building a relatioship with customers and humanising the interaction.

Informal “sign offs”

All the bese,

Take care,

Cheers, (very informal)

Best wishes,

Thanks again,

Formal “sign off”

My sincere thanks for your time,

Cordially (warmly)


Best regards,


Kindest regards,

Warmest regards,

Yours truly, (not appropriate for business emails)

“Sign offs” for specific types of email

Good job! – congratulating a colleague on their hard work

Thank your swift reply – Thanking a correspondent for replying to your email quickly

Hope this helps – If you are writing to respond to a request for information.

Have a nice weekend – Often sent at closing on Fridays.

Happy holidays – common a day before a national holiday.


swift = quick

Hope this helps.希望有用


“Out of Office”

I will be vacation from June 4th to July 1st. During this time I will not be able to access my email. If you need any information please contact Jason Chou at

Email Writing Checklist: 7 rules

1. Ideas

  • Clearly stated reason for writing
  • The message talks directly to the receiveer
  • Answers all questions

2. Organization

  • Salutation
  • Ideas in body presented in a logical order
  • Closing

3. Voice

  • Clear tone
  • Polite

4. Word Choice

  • Business etiquette
  • Plain English

5. Sentence Fluency

  • Variety of sentences (long and short)
  • Maximum 20 words per sentence.
  • Don’t repeat sentences

6. Conventions

  • Correct grammar and spelling
  • Correct capitalization and punctuation
  • No emothcons or funny symbols

7. Presentation

  • Completed fields (e.g. subjec line)
  • Good line spacing; use short paragraphs (not a block)
  • Easy to scan


salutation = greeting

emoticon = emotion symbols


Practice Writing

Read the email and write an answer. Use the 7 rules to help you write a good answer. You work at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul. Write a reply to this email.

Dear Sir/Madame,

I’d like to get some information about rooms and availability at your hote.

I have two adults and one teenager traveling to Seoul. They need a room for two nights on May 26 and May 27.

  1. Do you have rooms available on those nights?
  2. What are the rates and taxes?
  3. Do you have wheelchair access?
  4. What is the best way to travel to you hotel from the airport?

Many thanks for your help and information.


Dear Rob,

This is Shilla Hotel.

We have checked your email, and replies are as below:

  1. Yes, one room is available on both May 26 and May 27.
  2. 80 yuan RMB per night. No taxes. But 50 yuan RMB more is needed in the first day which will be returned back to you whne you leave after the second day.
  3. Yes, we have wheelchair access for free use.
  4. You can find the bus station near the airport, and you can take the No. 728 bus and it will take you to our hotal at the last station.

Hope the above helps.

Yakime Teng


注意:题干中给出的城市Seoul(首尔,前称汉城)是韩国首都,因此作答中采用采用人民币描述价格的做法(通常)是错的。另外,邮件中最好补上Shilla Hotel的详细地址(虚拟)。




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