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About me

Still a programmer for the time beings. Enjoy reading and playing badminton. Eager to be a special person. Some photos can be seen here: Photos. Books read can be seen here: Douban Reading. If you are a programmer, here is my github page: Github (Yakima Teng).


You can contact me through email: cleveryun # 163 [dot] com, or by Tencent QQ: 821135564, or by Wechat: OrzZone. Please tell who you are and where you find my contact, otherwise you will fail to contact with me -_-.

Also, you can directly make your comment here: Guestbook.



博客现在所用的主机是自己买的一个虚拟VPS,环境我配的是Centos + Nginx + PHP + Node + MySQL。由于服务器物理坐标在香港,所以有可能出现个别时候无法访问的情况,碰到这种情况可以尝试过一点时间再访问,如果还是访问不了,也不一定是网络原因,可能是网站挂掉了-_-,那你可以通过我的联系方式告诉我下或者过个一两周再来访问。反正怎么说呢,博客写了这么久已经是生活的一部分了,不会随随便便就扔了的。